We are two brothers from the European heart – the Czech Republic whose dream was always to do music, tour worldwide and give goosebumps to their fans. Along the way, we established and canceled a few bands to finally form Behind the Stars 🌟 in 2017.

We began our journey 13 years ago and finally gave a birth to our first English EP Returned Heart 💜.

The Returned Heart reflects our journey, personal experiences, heart-breaks and struggles. It’s about never loosing faith and hope.

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Check out the video from our little busking trip for the song Age-old Story!

“Tell me how far you could be and yet hear the story
about love and pain and the days of glory”

Last year in August we took our old car, made a mobile hotel from it and visited Vienna and several towns/cities in Italy🚗


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Behind the Stars – Returned Heart

The first EP we’ve released. It’s actually based on originally Czech songs that we freely translated into English.

Returned Heart cover

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