“Behind the Stars band is a pop-rock band from Brno, Czech Republic, consisting of 4 members (2 permanent + 2 tour members). Their music is a mixture of poetic or spiritual lyrics, soft melodic guitars and inventive bass boosted by dynamic drums. They were formed in 2017, when members of the band 7th Wish (In Czech “Sedmé přání”) decided to translate their songs to English and present them worldwide at regular gigs as well as acoustic sessions.”

In the beginning, there were two twin brothers with restless hearts, a load of emotions, pockets full of inspiration, tremendous determination and lack of experience. They called it their “Big Dream”.

It didn’t take a long time to realize they obviously felt the whole world in a very different way when compared with the others. Naturally, this state caused them not many nice feelings. Just imagine you are in the middle of thousand people and never have a chance to find someone who understands and accepts you right in the way you exist.

But they’ve never given up searching the related souls and after all those years created their own music with a clear intention. Show people that whatever feelings they have, whatever strange thought comes to their minds, there’s always somebody else who feels the same way, and therefore they’ll never be alone and forsaken.

Behind the Stars – members

Denis Chlapek

Behind the Stars - members - Denis Chlapek

Instrument: guitar, vocal
Age: 27
Favourite artists: The Pillows, Oasis, Social Distortion, Augustana, Kodaline, Noell Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Remy Zero, Mazzy Star

Radan Chlapek

Behind the Stars members - Radan Chlapek

Instrument: guitar, vocal
Age: 27
Favourite artists: Augustana, Dan Layus, Social Distortion, Caspian, Kodaline, CCR, The Clash, Bob Marley

+ Tour members

Milan Pohl

Behind the Stars - members - Milan Pohl

Instrument: bass

Dan Belka

Behind the Stars members - Dan Belka

Instrument: drums

A bit of History

After three years of playing the guitar and singing, Denis and Radan decide to form their first band. It happens at the end of 2009 while attending 4th grade of Jeseník’s Grammar school. The position of the drummer occupies Johnny and the bass guitar is served by Adalbert. They both are from a lower grade. And this is how Against Reality band and a long-lasting friendship come into existence.
The playlist consists mostly of cover songs by punk-rock bands like The Clash or Social Distortion, but the members start gradually working on their own material as well. The band plays its first show at the graduation party of the class attended by brothers and it’s very emotional experience for everyone :)

The first major performance takes place as a part of the local annual music festival, which is every time visited by literally everyone from Jeseník. The band receives a warm welcome and the whole show is very successful. Until the end of the year, there is one more concert on the agenda. It takes place at a graduation ball.

Behind the Stars members - Against Reality (first band)

The year 2011 is coming and also another show as a part of a private birthday party is planned. It’s the last show with the original drummer cause of his beginning health problems. These problems unfortunatelly deepen and result in his long break from drumming, which sadly never ends. After about two months of band’s inactivity, a new drummer – a friend from other Jesenik’s band, joins Against Reality. However, this stage doesn’t last long and after a few shows, the band falls apart.

As the brothers chose Brno city as the destination for their next studies, the intention is to form a new music group there too. A period of searching new band members as well as a new vision begins. After a few tries, the band “Seventh Wish”, playing only its own Czech songs, is formed.

As the time goes by, the frequent changes of group members seem not to stop. As a result, the brothers decide to play also as an acoustic duo in order to be more independent on other Behind the Stars members.

Finally, Behind the Stars band comes into existence in 2017 when the brothers come up with an idea of a translation of all songs into English and presenting them worldwide.

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